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Property Survey Inspection Surveys

QA Claims, provides quality insurance underwriting surveys throughout the United States. Our time, service and attention to detail is the finest in the industry. Our inspections include information on a wide range of structures, such as residential, commercial and industrial buildings. All types of coverages are addressed, including Commercial General Liability, Property, Builders Risk, Contractors Liability and restaurant and apartment packages.

Our state of the art AQA Data Solutions inspection app with customizable API and iSocket integrations will save you time, reduce inspection costs and insure surveys are fully completed and submitted correctly.

We have a wide range of forms to suit every need. QA Claims will also customize forms for the specific needs of any client. Our experienced field staff is domiciled throughout the areas we cover, reducing travel time and inspection costs.

How it works:

We do the survey or inspection when you want, where you want. We make sure it’s right. You get the data and intelligence you need to make the right decision.


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